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As an Attorney in Maryland MD and Washington DC who has been dedicated to my clients and their cases, representing and protecting your legal and financial interest is my first priority and that means crafting and devising a strategy that is different for each client at the outset of the case, and then honing and adjusting that approach throughout the case.

Anticipating the other party’s moves in advance and preparing to outmanoeuvre them is a crucial part of my philosophy and legal practice.

As a practising attorney since 1998, I am proud of the level of service and attention that I have provided to my clients as well as the results that I have obtained for them.

Aiming for the best result

Our aim is to obtain the best result for you by reaching a favorable agreement that avoids unnecessary attorney’s fees and legal costs.

Unfortunately, however, one cannot reach an agreement without the other party’s consent and cooperation; vigorously representing you against unreasonable adversaries and/or opposing lawyers is what we do best.

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Feel free to contact me for an appointment if you are seeking a Maryland divorce, family & business lawyer to represent you in your divorce and/or custody case.

If you are seeking legal representation for contracts or business transactions particularly for selling or buying dental or medical practices, or to aggressively protect your rights in an anticipated or pending litigation in Maryland or Washington, DC.

My background and experiences in representing clients in both family law and business cases, particularly representing medical professionals such as dentists and physicians, have equipped me to be particularly effective in handling divorce cases that involve equitable division of dental/medical practices, businesses, professional corporations, and other business entities as marital assets. These clients range from dentists, physicians, other medical professionals, business owners, or their spouses who are considering a divorce and/or a custody cases.

Whether you are going through a divorce or custody dispute, buying or selling a dental or medical practice or other types of businesses, or if you are having a contractual dispute with your business partner or third parties, I will vigorously represent you and protect your rights in a sensible, cost effective manner. Please Call or fill out the Contact Us Form to make an appointment.

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