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We are experienced family law attorney and family lawyers in Montgomery County Maryland. Our family lawyers and divorce attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in their divorce and child custody cases and protective order hearings. Our clients’ experiences with our family law attorney are best told through their own words in our 5-star Google Reviews. Kamkari Law – Reviews (

Since 1998, Kamkari Law’s family law attorneys in Maryland have provided vigorous and effective legal representation to our clients, whether in reaching separation agreements or in their highly contested divorce and child custody cases and protective order hearings. While many divorce lawyers go through the same motions for different clients who are in different situations, at Kamkari Law our Montgomery County family lawyers make an assessment of your case, which includes both the legal issues as well as the practical factors that could affect your case. After our initial assessment, we devise a strategy in consultation with you that fits your specific goals and situation. If conditions change, then we will adjust our strategy accordingly.

For example, usually one of the parties is in a better financial position to support a contested family law case to the end. As experienced family lawyers we consider different strategies for different clients depending on the legal and practical factors of your specific case. Another example is that in child custody cases there are different bonds and relationship between the children and their parents, and those relationships should be strongly considered in crafting a strategy for your child custody case.

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Family law cases involve very sensitive issues that usually have long-life financial and emotional consequences, not to mention that they can affect the well-being of your children. As an experienced Maryland family law lawyers, my priority is to reach a resolution of your divorce and custody issues by trying to reach a separation agreement; however, there are times when an unreasonable spouse and/or their lawyers make it difficult to settle your case, and you should have an effective and experienced family law attorney on your side to fully protect your rights in your divorce and custody cases.

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A common misunderstanding of Maryland family law is that many people believe that they cannot file for divorce prior to being separated from their spouses for twelve (12) months. However, that is not true. First, there are certain grounds for divorce that do not require any separation period at all and can be filed without any separation period. Furthermore, in cases where the applicable ground(s) for Absolute Divorce require a 12-month separation, our experienced divorce lawyers will first file a Complaint for Limited Divorce and then file an Amended and/or Supplemental Complaint for Absolute Divorce once the 12-month separation is completed. Our Montgomery County divorce lawyers can explain the process to you during a consultation.

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The benefit of this strategy is that the filing of a Complaint for Limited Divorce will start your case immediately and you can then resolve or litigate most of the issues related to your divorce while you are waiting for your 12-month separation to be completed. In fact, due to the introduction of Mutual Consent as a ground for divorce, if the parties reach an agreement during the pendency of their limited divorce, through proper filing they can inform the Court that they have reached a separation agreement and request that the Court schedule their divorce hearing as soon as possible without having to wait for the completion of the 12-month period. 

Most clients prefer this approach rather than waiting for a year before they take any action or worse yet wait for their spouse to file for divorce when it is most advantageous for them. Book your consultation with our divorce lawyers in Montgomery County for a complete assessment of your family law, divorce, and/or child custody case.

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Due to our experiences in both family law and healthcare transitions for medical and dental practices we are well versed in divorce cases that include one or both parties’ dental or medical practices as marital property. Please visit for more information on Maryland divorce laws for medical professionals who own private practices and how our family lawyers in Maryland can tip the scale to your advantage.

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As an Attorney in Maryland MD and Washington DC who has been dedicated to my clients and their cases, representing and protecting your legal and financial interest is my first priority and that means crafting and devising a strategy that is different for each client at the outset of the case, and then honing and adjusting that approach throughout the case.

Anticipating the other party’s moves in advance and preparing to outmanoeuvre them is a crucial part of my philosophy and legal practice. As a practising attorney since 1998, I am proud of the level of service and attention that I have provided to my clients as well as the results that I have obtained for them.

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Our aim is to obtain the best result for you by reaching a favorable agreement that avoids unnecessary attorney’s fees and legal costs. Unfortunately, one cannot reach an agreement without the other party’s consent and cooperation; vigorously representing you against unreasonable adversaries and/or opposing lawyers is what we do best.

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Answers to your FAQs

A party may be entitled to receive alimony during the pendency of the divorce case, which is called pendente lite alimony. The rationale behind pendente lite alimony is that a spouse in need of support may not be able to wait to receive support from the other spouse while the parties are waiting for the final divorce trial, which could take a year or more from the date of initial filing with the court. If you do not have the ability to pay for your reasonable living expenses while you are waiting for the final divorce trial and your spouse is able to financially contribute to assist you with your living expenses, you could obtain a court order for pendente lite alimony.

The primary factor in deciding post-divorce alimony is the parties’ income and respective financial condition, although there are a number of other factors that could come into play. Unless the parties reach an agreement, a party requesting alimony must prove that he or she is entitled to receiving alimony under the law. In Maryland, alimony is either “rehabilitative” or “indefinite.” Rehabilitative alimony is intended to be a short-term measure after the parties’ divorce that would provide the spouse receiving alimony the time and opportunity to become self-sufficient. Rehabilitative alimony is for a fixed period within which the spouse receiving alimony is expected to become self-sufficient. Indefinite alimony is usually reserved for longer term marriages where one spouse has been financially dependent on the other spouse. Indefinite alimony continues until the death of one of the parties, until the party receiving alimony marries, or until the parties’ income and/or financial condition materially changes so that alimony is no longer necessary or should be reduced. Contact our Maryland divorce lawyers for an appointment if you would like additional information or are seeking experienced, aggressive representation in your divorce case.

Maryland is an equitable property State, which means that all marital property is divided equitably and fairly between the spouses. Marital property is any and all properties that have been acquired by either or both parties during their marriage regardless of how they are titled. Any property that was acquired by either spouse during their marriage is presumed to be marital property. Pre-marital property, gifts, inheritance, and property that can be traced to such assets are not subject to equitable division under the Maryland law. Most common examples of marital property include, but are not limited to, the value of a business or professional practice, equity in the house, pension plans and retirement accounts, automobiles, and bank accounts to the extent that they were accumulated during the marriage.

It is not uncommon for divorcing couples to decide the division of their assets with the assistance of their respective attorneys rather than litigating a divorce case and leaving it to the court’s decision. But if you are not able to reach an agreement, you can ask the court to resolve the dispute between you. Contact our Maryland divorce lawyers for an appointment if you would like additional information or are seeking experienced, aggressive representation in your divorce case.

Owning a lucrative business could present many opportunities and benefits, however, there are numerous legal and financial considerations for both the buyer and the seller of an existing business or professional practices (doctors, dentists, etc.) when entering into such contracts. From the buyer’s standpoint, he or she may unwittingly inherit the past debts and liabilities of the business that occurred long before the buyer was even interested in purchasing the business if a contract is not properly negotiated and drafted. In an asset purchase agreement (where the buyer purchases the assets of the company as opposed to purchasing its stocks), the allocation of the purchase price could also have significant tax and financial liabilities as well. A seller should also make sure that he or she is well protected by a solid contract particularly if the seller has proprietary information that would have to be disclosed prior to the closing of the sale or if the seller is financing a part or the entire purchase price. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these potential negative consequences and they sign a “form contract” provided by their agents believing that they are adequately protected. These form contracts do not take into account your specific investment, and they are not customized to provide you with maximum protection for your particular transaction. Many buyers and sellers find themselves in a precarious position years after the sale/purchase of business and realize that they will have to spend substantially more in litigation cost than they would have had to spend on attorney’s fees to be well represented in their transactions. Our Maryland business lawyers can represent you in buying or selling a business or professional practices to make sure that your rights are adequately protected. Call us for an appointment if you are planning to buy or sell a business in Maryland.

We vigorously represent our clients in various commercial litigation matters ranging from shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of contract disputes for healthcare practices including dental and medical practices. Call us (301) 309-9002 for an appointment if you need additional information from a Maryland business trial lawyer regarding representation in a business lawsuit.

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