Our Maryland divorce lawyers first prioroty is to represent your legal and financial interests in your divorce and custody case.  Our Maryland lawyers’ practices are primarily focused on family law, business law, and personal injuries.  Our aim is to try to resolve your dispute by reaching a sensible settlement that would minimize the attorney’s fees and other legal costs related to your case while making sure your rights and interests are well protected; however, our experienced trial lawyers will represent you aggressively and competently should litigation become necessary.  Unfortunately, one cannot reach an agreement without the other party’s consent and cooperation, and vigorous representation of our clients against unreasonable litigants is what we do best.  Whether you are going through a divorce or custody dispute in Maryland, buying or selling a business or professional practice, having a commercial or contractual dispute with your business ‘partner’ or a third party, or if you have been severely injured due to someone else’s wrongdoing, our Maryland lawyer can effectively represent you and protect your rights and interests in a sensible, cost effective manner.

As a practicing lawyer in Maryland since 1998, I am proud of the personal touch that I have provided to my clients as part of my legal services to them at the highest level of satisfaction.  Our attorney’s philosophy is to represent our clients in need of legal services with the understanding that a successful practice of law requires paying particular attention to a client’s overall circumstances and their desired goals and objectives.  We understand that each case is different, and work well with clients who would like to take an active role in their cases by receiving frequent updates and having an input in the handling of their case.  I believe that a competent and experienced attorney can and should devise a strategy at the outset of the case that would put the case on the right track that would obtain the desired outcome for the client; anticipating the other party’s moves in advance and preparing to outmaneuver them is a crucial part of our Maryland lawyers philosophy and legal practice.

Please Contact Us to make an appointment if you are seeking an experienced Maryland lawyer to represent you in your divorce case, business matter (including buying and selling businesses), if you have a commercial dispute, or if you or a loved one suffered severe injuries (or wrongful death) due to someone else’s negligence or reckless conduct.

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