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Valuation of Business in Divorce Cases in Maryland

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Maryland courts undertake a three-step process to determine whether a monetary award should be granted for a property, and if so, how much. The three (3) step process is: A) Determining whether a property is marital, B) Determining the value of the property that is determined to be marital, and C) Considering the statutory factors […]

Setting Aside Separation Agreements in Maryland

Divorce & Custody in Maryland When Spouses Live Together

In Maryland, it is very challenging to set aside a Marital Settlement Agreement, commonly also known as a Separation Agreement or Separation and Property Settlement Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Separation Agreement”). While there are numerous ways to attack a Maryland Separation Agreement, the likelihood of success is low, primarily because under Maryland law Separation […]

Divorce & Custody in Maryland When Spouses Live Together

Divorce & Custody in Maryland When Spouses Live Together

The Court of Appeals of Maryland decided in Ricketts v. Ricketts, 903 A2d 857, 393 Md 479 (2006) that a spouse could file and maintain a case for limited divorce and custody even if the couple live together. The Court’s decision in Ricketts stands for the proposition that withholding marital relations could be a ground […]