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In Maryland, there are two types of custody: “physical custody” otherwise known as “residential custody” and “legal custody.”  The standard for determining physical custody is “the best interest” of minor child.  In disputed custody cases, the court determines how a child’s best interest will be best served by a custody/visitation schedule.  The Court could determine whether it is in the best interest of a child for the parents to have joint physical custody, or alternatively, for one parent to have primary physical custody with access and visitation to the other parent.  Legal custody is the decision-making authority of the parents regarding the major issues in minor child’s life such as religious upbringing, educational decisions, and major medical treatment. 

A custody order for minor children always remains modifiable, and if you have concerns with regard to the health and safety of your child due to the other parent’s conduct, you can file a motion to change a prior custody order; however, the parent moving to change an existing custody order must prove that there are substantial change of circumstances that mandate changing the existing custody order to serve the minor child’s best interest. Feel free to Contact me for an appointment if you would like additional information or are seeking experienced, aggressive legal representation for your custody case.

My background and experiences in representing clients in both family law and business cases, particularly representing medical professionals such as dentists and physicians, have made me particularly effective in handling divorce cases that involve equitable division of dental/medical practices, businesses, professional corporations, or other business entities as marital assets. These clients range from dentists, physicians, other medical professionals, business owners, or their spouses who are considering divorce and/or custody cases.

Feel free to contact me for an appointment if you are seeking legal representation for your protective order hearing, if you are trying to reach an agreement regarding your divorce and custody matters, or if you are seeking aggressive representation in court for your divorce and/or custody case.


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