Going through a divorce and custody dispute involves very sensitive issues that may have life-long financial and emotional consequences. Our Maryland divorce lawyers will do their utmost to reach an amicable resolution in your divorce and custody matters, however, there are times when an unreasonable spouse makes it difficult to settle your differences and you should have an experienced, aggressive, and sophisticated Maryland lawyer to protect your rights and interests by litigating them in court. Aggressive representation of our clients’ rights and interests is what our Maryland divorce lawyers do best.


Whether you intend to negotiate and enter into a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage, or negotiating a separation, property, and/or custody agreement that will determine your rights with regard to the division of marital assets including, but not limited to, pension and retirement plans and home equity, alimony, child custody, visitation, and/or child support, you should have a Maryland divorce lawyer that will competently protect your rights. The agreements or court orders that resolve these issues could affect you long after your divorce is finalized, and their importance should not be underestimated.


Unfortunately, certain cases begin due to domestic violence or at least allegations of domestic violence by one or both spouses. In those cases the parties may request a protective order, and in addition to deciding the issues related to abuse and contact between the parties, the court can enter a temporary order regarding the custody and access of the parties’ children. At the Final Protective Order hearing, the court can also enter an order for Emergency Family Maintenance which is basically an order that requires one party to provide temporary financial support to the other party. Although a protective order’s provisions regarding custody, access, and support can be subsequently superseded and replaced in your divorce proceedings, they could affect your divorce case from a practical standpoint. We highly recommend that you appear to your hearing with a Maryland lawyer that is experienced in handling protective order hearings.


Contact us for an appointment if you are seeking legal representation for your protective order hearing, if you are trying to reach an agreement regarding your divorce and custody matters, or if you seeking aggressive representation in court for your divorce and/or custody case.